How to Choose LED Display Boards for Your Project

LED display boards are usually for events, public information displays, outdoor advertising, outdoor digital signs, outdoor digital display boards, big advertising screens, outdoor Signage, LED scoreboards, billboards, etc. Best used for large open spaces, for example, in malls, exhibitions, airports, and railway stations.

So many scenarios make each LED digital display board different in size, LED cabinets, LED modules, pixel pitches, resolutions, refresh rate, etc. Follow this article to choose the ideal LED display boards, choose products on LedInCloud, and see the prices.

What Should You Care About When Choosing LED Digital Display Boards?

When selecting a digital signage screen for your display, consider factors such as size, types of content you wish to display, the location of installation, etc. These considerations will help determine the type of LED screen you require.

Keep reading to choose the right LED display board. However, the final decision should be made based on professional advice.

1. LED Install Location

  • Outdoor screens should have a larger light output than an indoor display to remain visible even under intense sunlight.
  • Outdoor LED display boards are designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions.
  • Most outdoor screens need a minimum protection level of IP65.
  • Maintenance and service: Some LED video walls are installed on a wall or close to a wall, you can only choose the LED solutions that can be repaired front.

2. LED Screen Size, Resolution, and Pixel Pitches

The size, resolution, and pixel pitches are important when choosing LED Display boards. LED Screen is composed of LED cabinets. If your required screen size are standard ratio like 16:9, it’s easy to get a standard solution. Custom sizes can be created to meet specific requirements, though this may incur additional costs.

Before choosing the resolutions and pixel pitches, think about the audience viewing distance. A smaller pixel pitch is suitable for closer viewing, ensuring a clear image, while a larger pixel pitch is adequate for displays that will be viewed from farther away.

3. Viewing Distance and Angle

The viewing distance impacts the pixel pitch selection. For screens that will be viewed from a greater distance, a larger pixel pitch is acceptable. However, for closer interactions, a finer pixel pitch is necessary to ensure image clarity.

Generally, the shortest viewing distance is 1000 times pixel pitches, the average comfortable viewing distance is 3000 times pixel pitches, and the farthest viewing distance is 30 times the LED screen height.

The viewing angle is also crucial. Wider angles are needed in spaces where viewers will be spread out, such as public squares, while narrower angles may suffice in more controlled settings like conference rooms. You should ask the LED display board suppliers for the viewing angle of their recommended products.

4. LED Screen Brightness and Display Quality

The luminance of outdoor LED displays is intricately linked to their installation specifics, including location, orientation, and environmental exposure. For displays facing southward, where direct sunlight intensity is significant, a luminance level exceeding 7000 cd/m² is typically necessary. Conversely, northward-facing displays can operate effectively at a reduced luminance of approximately 5500 cd/m². In urban settings, where displays are shaded by tall structures and foliage, a luminance of 4000 cd/m² is adequate.

In contrast, indoor LED displays require lower luminance levels, tailored to their specific application scenarios. Displays positioned adjacent to windows for external viewing should maintain a luminance above 3000 cd/m², while those oriented for internal viewing can suffice with around 2000 cd/m². Standard installations within shopping centers generally demand a luminance of about 1000 cd/m². For conference room settings, the required luminance ranges from 300 cd/m² to 600 cd/m², scaling with room size; larger spaces necessitate higher luminance. Studio displays for television production typically do not exceed 100 cd/m².

Given the multifaceted factors influencing LED display brightness, consultation with a technical expert is advisable for tailored recommendations.

5. LED Display Content

The type of content you plan to display significantly influences the choice of LED screen. For dynamic content like videos or animations, a high-refresh-rate screen is necessary. For static images or text, a standard screen may suffice. Interactive content requires touch-sensitive or responsive technology.

6. Budget

• Standard vs. Custom: Consider standard sizes to save on costs.

• Essential Features: Identify and invest in features critical to your needs.

• Long-Term Savings: Factor in energy efficiency and maintenance costs for long-term budgeting.

By considering these aspects, you can make an informed decision that meets both your content requirements and budget constraints, ensuring a high-quality LED display experience.

LED Display Board Price and Products

1. LED Display Board Price Calculator

LedInCloud provides comprehensive LED display, LED module, and LED Control System types and brands. Choose the proper LED display board products and get the LED display board price with a few steps.


Step 1. Sign up to visit the Complete LED Price Calculator. Go to the Get Quote section.

Step 2. Choose the LED product types

LED Display: According to your projects, you can choose LED Display to get the LED screens’ price. For this part, you need to finish the following choices:

  • Application
  • Product Series
  • Pixel Pitch Models
  • Fill in Your Required LED Screen Size
  • Choose an LED Cabinet type from the Recommend Product Section.

After you choose a recommended LED Cabinet, the final LED wall size will present at Actual Size. Previewing the image, you will see the LED Cabinet quantity and how the cabinet is combined.

LED Display Price - LedInCloud

LED Module: Choose the LED Module if you just want to buy some modules for your LED Screen.

  • Choose the LED Module Type: Soft LED Module, Indoor LED Module, or Outdoor LED Module.
  • Choose the pixel pitches for the LED modules: We provide the LED Modules with a wide range of pixel pitches.
  • Fill in the LED Module quantities.
  • Choose the recommended LED Module product.
LED Module Price - LedInCloud

LED Control System: If you choose the LED Control System, the control system-related products will be present.

  • Choose the LED Control System brand: Colorlight, HuiDu, Linsn, or Novastar
  • Choose the product type: LED Receiver, LED Sender, Video Processor, or Accessories.
  • Choose the product model. If you don’t know how to choose the control system brand and model, contact the LedInCloud technique team.
  • Fill in the LED Control System product quantities.
  • Choose the recommended LED Control System product.
LED Display Board Control System Price - LedInCloud

Step 3. Add the product to the List. You will see and compare all the products you chose in the Quotation List Section.

Add Product to Quotation List - LedInCloud

2. Quotation List of LED Display Board

The product you have chosen will be presented on the Price Calculation List. When you click the Save Quotation button, the product will go to My Quotation List.

LED Price Calculation List - LedInCloud

View or download the quotation at My Quotation List.

My Quotation List - LedInCloud

3. Price List of LED Display Board

The price list section is used to compare the same series and brands of LED products.

Price List of LED Display Board

Here are some popular LED Display Boards for outdoor, indoor, rental, and some LED solutions. If you want to see all the products and the LED Product specifications, register LedInCloud.

LED Display Board Products of LedInCloud

1. Outdoor Fixed LED Display Board

MA960 Series: It has a full solution of Magnesium Alloy Cabinet with the features of 960mmx960mm cabinet size and 320x160mm standard module size.

      • With Wide Viewing Angle: Up to 160 degrees in vertical and horizontal.
        High Reliability: The ingress protection of the cabinet rates up to 68, the fully sealed cabinet is waterproof, dustproof, and damp-proof, bringing the ingress protection of the LED display up to a new level.
      • Delicate Cabinet Design: It’s a less-weight LED display (Only 26kg) with quick locks and a delicate structure for easy installation without gaps. The humanization handlebar design makes you more easy to move the cabinet.
      • Ultra Thin: LED display with ultra-thin cabinet design the thickness is only 87mm. The die-cast AL cabinet design is light and easy to transport. Flatness and seamless.
      • Specifications:
MA960 Series Specifications for Outdoor LED Display

ES960 Series: It’s designed with a 960x960mm cabinet size, 480×320 module size, thin thickness with 90mm, 25kg/led cabinet, and high IP66 waterproof level. ES960 LED display board has ultra-low heat and power consumption, and each LED module is equipped with a safety harness to prevent the module from falling and hitting people.

      • Specifications:
ES960 Series Specifications for Outdoor LED Display

OF1000 Series: It has 1000 x 500 (12kg) and 1000 x 1000 (21kg) cabinet sizes. It’s a high-quality outdoor LED display.

    • 500*250mm panel design.
    • SMD 3 in 1 LED encapsulation technology.
    • Dual service with frontal and real maintenance.
    • High-protection Aluminum cabinet panel design.
    • CE and Rohs certificates.
    • 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts.
    • Specifications:
OF1000 Series Specifications for Outdoor LED Display

2. Indoor Fixed LED Display Board

MA640 Series

  • 640×480mm LED cabinet, 320×160mm LED module.
  • SMD 3 in 1 LED encapsulation technology.
  • Frontal Service.
  • CE, RoHS, and FCC certificates.
  • 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts.
  • Specifications:
MA640 Series Specifications for Indoor LED Display

MA600 Series

  • With 600×337.5mm cabinet size.
  • With a 3840HZ high refresh rate.
  • Frontal service.
  • High-end indoor LED display board.
  • CE, RoHS, and FCC certificates.
  • 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts.
  • Specifications:
MA600 Series Specifications for Indoor LED Display

MA250 Series

  • It’s a light & thin LED display and easy to install.
  • 1000 x 250mm, 750 x 250mm, and 500×250mm cabinet sizes.
  • With 33mm thickness and 5.8kg weight.
  • With high brightness and good color saturation.
  • Front service.
  • 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts.
  • Specifications:
MA250 Series Specifications for Indoor LED Display

3. Rental LED Display

MS Series

  • 500×500/1000mm cabinet standard size.
  • SMD 3 in 1 LED encapsulation technology.
  • Frontal & rear service for indoor. Rear service for outdoor.
  • Support right-angle installation.
  • Pixel Pitch Choices: P1.953mm, P2.604mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm.
  • CE and Rohs certificates.
  • 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts.

MY Series

  • IF design award 2023.
  • 500x500mm and 500x1000mm cabinet standard sizes.
  • Front or rear dual service.
  • Support right-angle installation.
  • Indoor & outdoor is available.
  • 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts.

NG Series

  • 500x1000mm cabinet standard size.
  • SMD 3 in 1 LED encapsulation technology.
  • Dual service with front and rear maintenance.
  • Support right-angle installation.
  • Detachable back cover box.
  • Indoor and outdoor are available.
    CE and Rohs certificates.
  • 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts.

4. LED Display Board Solutions

  • Sports LED Display Board
    A sports LED display can be used in many types of LED Display boards such as MA960-S, OF800-S, EV960-S, EX960-S.
  • Naked 3D LED Display Board
    MA960-3D, OF800-3D, ES960-3D, and EV960-3D can be used to build a naked 3D LED Display.

Go to LedInCloud Customer Self-Service System to find more Solutions and the solution details.