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NovaStar Software Download

Find NovaStar Receiving Card Resources like comprehensive access to specifications and firmware updates.

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NovaStar COEX VMP Win 1.2.3

NovaStar COEX VMP User Manual

It’s used in the NovaStar COEX series Control System for device management, input settings, screen configuration, display correction, color processing, screen settings, monitoring and maintenance, and preset management.

NovaStar COEX VMP Mac 1.2.3
NovaStar COEX VMP Win 1.2.1
NovaStar COEX VMP Mac 1.2.1

NovaStar VICP

NovaStar VICP iOS

NovaStar VICP User Manual

VICP is NovaStar’s visualized control software for comprehensive management and control of screen display systems, multimedia playback and control systems, and audio systems. 

1. Tablet PC: Obtain the software from the Apple store, Android store, or HUAWEI AppGallery. 

– Resolution: 1024×768 or above 

– System requirements: 

    − iOS: iPadOS 14.4 or later, 2GB or above 

    − Android: Android 10.0 or later, 4GB or above 

    − Harmony: HarmonyOS 2.0 or later, 4GB or above 

2. Windows System: Obtain the package from your sales engineer or technical support engineer. 

– Processor: 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor or above 

– Memory: 8GB or above 

– Hard disk space: 256G or above 

– OS: Windows 10 64-bit or above

NovaStar VICP Android
NovaStar VICP Harmony
NovaStar VICP Windows
NovaStar Kompass FX3 NovaStar Kompass FX3 Windows V3.8.0 NovaStar Kompass FX3 User Manual V3.8.0

A professional multimedia playback software.

NovaStar Kompass FX2 NovaStar Kompass FX2 Windows V3.8.0 NovaStar Kompass FX2 User Manual V3.8.0

NovaStar NovaLCT

NovaStar NovaLCT Windows V5.5.0

NovaStar Configuration Tool User Manual Synchronous V5.5.0

NovaLCT is the LED display configuration tool for computers. It can work with receiving cards, monitoring cards, and multi-function cards, and can achieve brightness adjustment, power supply control, error detection, and smart settings.

NovaStar Configuration Tool User Manual Multimedia Player V5.5.0
NovaStar Test Tool User Manual
NovaStar NovaLCT Windows Framework V5.5.0
NovaStar NovaLCT Windows Driver V5.5.0

NovaStar NovaLCT Windows V5.4.8

NovaStar Configuration Tool User Manual Synchronous V5.4.8
NovaStar Configuration Tool User Manual Multimedia Player V5.4.8
NovaStar Test Tool User Manual
NovaStar NovaLCT Windows Framework V5.4.8
NovaStar NovaLCT Windows Driver V5.4.8

NovaStar SmartLCT

NovaStar SmartLCT Win V3.5.13

NovaStar SmartLCT User Manual

SmartLCT is the Screen Configuration Software of NovaStar.

NovaStar SmartLCT Mac V3.5.13

NovaStar VPlayer

NovaStar VPlayer Windows (x64) V3.9.2.0101

NovaStar VPlayer User Manual for Windows

VPlayer is a terminal player and can work with VNNOX Standard/AD.

NovaStar VPlayer Windows (x86) V3.9.2.0101
NovaStar VPlayer Android V3.9.0.0 NovaStar VPlayer User Manual for Android

NovaStar V-Can

NovaStar V-Can Windows V3.7.0

NovaStar V-Can User Manual

It’s a video control software for NovaStar’s video processors such as J6 and N9, as well as all-in-one controllers such as VX5s and VX6s.

NovaStar V-Can Mac V3.7.0
NovaStar Viplex Handy NovaStar Viplex Handy_3.0.2.0501_364 NovaStar Viplex Handy User Manual ViPlex Handy is a screen management app for Android and iOS phones, which allows you to manage various devices such as the Taurus series multimedia players and the JT100 traffic multimedia player.

NovaStar Viplex Express

NovaStar ViPlex Express V2.3.0.0701 Setup(x64)

NovaStar ViPlex Express Async Mode User Manual NovaStar ViPlex Express Studio Mode User Manual

ViPlex Express is a content publishing management system for PC, which is available for Windows and allows users to edit and play solutions on LCD or LED displays. 

– In async mode, ViPlex Express is also used to control multimedia players. 

– In Studio Mode: When a solution is being played in ViPlex Express, the solution is also played synchronously on the display. 

This mode applies to synchronous playback.

NovaStar ViPlex Express V2.26.0.0701 Setup(X64)
NovaStar ViPlex Express V2.26.0.0701 Setup(X32)

NovaStar Calibration Software

NovaStar NovaCLB Screen V5.1.2 NovaStar NovaCLB Screen User Manaul V5.1.2

NovaCLB is applicable for factory single cabinet pixel-level calibration (Factory calibration) and field LED display pixel-level calibration (Full-screen calibration).

NovaStar NovaCLB Screen V6.0 NovaStar NovaCLB Screen User Manual V6.0 NovaStar NovaCLB Screen Quick Start Guide V6.0
NovaStar CalCube MiniLED V2.0.B0 (C3200)

NovaStar CalCube MiniLED User Manual NovaStar CalCube MiniLED Quick Start Guide

CalCube MiniLED is the latest calibration software developed by NovaStar. The screen calibration mode integrates several latest algorithms, such as the Super Resolution Imaging, full-grayscale calibration, and low-grayscale calibration, enabling high calibration speed and great calibration accuracy.

NovaStar CalCube MiniLED V2.4.2

NovaStar Video Controller Resource Download

Access a wealth of resources for NovaStar Video Controllers, including user manuals, specifications, quick start guides, and firmware updates.

NovaStar Video ControllerUser Manual DownloadNovaStar Controller SpecificationsQuick Start GuideNovaStar FirmwareOverview
Video ControllerNovaStar VX1000NovaStar VX1000 ManualNovaStar VX1000 SpecificationsNovaStar VX1000 Quick Start GuideNovaStar VX1000 FirmwareVideo controllers to process and control videos.
NovaStar VX600NovaStar VX600 ManualNovaStar VX600 SpecificationsNovaStar VX600 Quick Start GuideNovaStar VX600 Firmware
NovaStar VX400NovaStar VX400 ManualNovaStar VX400 SpecificationsNovaStar VX400 Quick Start GuideNovaStar VX400 Firmware
NovaStar VX6sNovaStar VX6s ManualNovaStar VX6s SpecificationsNoneNovaStar VX6s Firmware
NovaPro UHD JrNovaPro UHD Jr ManualNovaPro UHD Jr SpecificationsNovaPro UHD Jr Quick Start GuideNovaPro UHD Jr FirmwareThe NovaPro UHD Jr is NovaStar’s new all-in-one controller that features excellent video processing capabilities, sending card functions, and LED screen configurations.
NovaPro UHD Jr Web Manual
NovaPro UHDNovaPro UHD ManualNovaPro UHD SpecificationsNovaPro UHD Quick Start GuideNovaPro UHD FirmwareThe NovaPro UHD is an all-in-one controller developed by NovaStar, integrating video processing, video controlling, LED screen configuration, receiving, processing, and sending a variety of video signals.
Video ProcessorNovaStar HDR Master 4KNovaStar HDR Master 4K ManualNovaStar HDR Master 4K SpecificationsNoneNovaStar HDR Master 4K FirmwareA video processor to convert SDR content into HDR format with great processing performance, superior image quality, and remarkable input & output density.
NovaStar H Series Video Splicing ProcessorNovaStar H2NovaStar H Series ManualNovaStar H2 SpecificationsNovaStar H Series Quick Start GuideNovaStar H Series FirmwareH2 can splice, process, and control video.
NovaStar H5NovaStar H5 SpecificationsH5 combines video splicing features with LED processing.
NovaStar H9NovaStar H9 SpecificationsIt’s a video wall splicer.
NovaStar H15NovaStar H15 SpecificationsIt’s a video wall splicer.
NovaStar H20NovaStar H20 SpecificationsIt’s a video wall splicer.
Switcher and ConsoleNovaStar C1NovaStar C1 User ManualNovaStar C1 SpecificationsNoneNovaStar C1 FirmwareThe C1 is NovaStar’s event controller designed for NovaStar’s terminal video processing products, such as J series, and is mainly used for live stage control.
NovaStar N9NovaStar N9 ManualNovaStar N9 SpecificationsNoneNovaStar N9 FirmwareN9, J6, and C1 are switchers for video processing, image mosaics, transition effects, and multi-screen display.
NovaStar J6NovaStar J6 ManualNovaStar J6 SpecificationsNoneNovaStar J6 Firmware

NovaStar LED Display Controller Resource Download

Explore the NovaStar LED Display Controller Resource Download section for a complete suite of tools and documentation to support your LED display management needs.

NovaStar LED Display ControllerUser Manual DownloadNovaStar Controller SpecificationsQuick Start GuideNovaStar FirmwareOverview

MCTRL Series

NovaStar MCTRL 4KNovaStar MCTRL 4K ManualNovaStar MCTRL 4K SpecificationsNoneNovaStar MCTRL 4K FirmwareThe MCTRL4K is an LED display controller with ith many industry-leading technologies such as HDR, individual gamma adjustment for RGB, low latency, 3D, and pixel-level brightness and chroma calibration.
NovaStar MCTRL R5NovaStar MCTRL R5 ManualNovaStar MCTRL R5 SpecificationsNoneNovaStar MCTRL R5 FirmwareThe MCTRL R5 is the first LED display controller of NovaStar that supports image rotation.
NovaStar MCTRL660 PRONovaStar MCTRL660 PRO ManualNovaStar MCTRL660 PRO SpecificationsNovaStar MCTRL660 PRO Quick Start GuideNovaStar MCTRL660 PRO FirmwareThe MCTRL660 PRO can work as a sending card and a fiber converter and supports switching between the two modes, meeting more diversified market demands.
NovaStar MCTRL660NovaStar MCTRL660 ManualNovaStar MCTRL660 SpecificationsNoneNovaStar MCTRL660 FirmwareThe MCTRL660 adopts an innovative architecture to implement smart screen configuration without using a computer.
NovaStar MCTRL600NoneNovaStar MCTRL600 SpecificationsNoneNovaStar MCTRL600 FirmwareAn LED display controller supports 1x DVI input, 1x HDMI input, 1x audio input, and 4x Ethernet outputs. Input resolutions are up to 1920×1200@60Hz and communicate with a PC via type-B USB ports. Multiple MCTRL600 units can be cascaded via the UART port.
NovaStar MCTRL500NoneNovaStar MCTRL500 SpecificationsNoneNovaStar MCTRL500 FirmwareThe MCTRL500 is an independent controller to control an LED display screen without any computer connection.
NovaStar MCTRL300NoneNovaStar MCTRL300 SpecificationsNoneNovaStar MCTRL300 FirmwareMCTRL300 is NovaStar’s independent control card from the M3 Series and supports audio and video input. It encodes and processes data, and sends the audio & video to the display.
NovaStar MCTRL700NoneNovaStar MCTRL700 SpecificationsNoneNovaStar MCTRL700 FirmwareMCTRL700 is a video controller, that works with NovaLCT and NovaCLB, the controller supports brightness and chroma calibration on each LED.

MX Series Controller — Designed as part of the COEX control system series

NovaStar MX6000 ProNovaStar MX6000 Pro ManualNovaStar MX6000 Pro SpecificationNoneNone

They are large professional 8K LED display controllers.

NovaStar MX2000 ProNovaStar MX2000 Pro ManualNovaStar MX2000 Pro SpecificationNoneNone
NovaStar CX80 ProNovaStar CX80 Pro ManualNovaStar CX80 Pro SpecificationNoneNovaStar CX80 Pro Firmware
NovaStar CX40 ProNovaStar CX40 Pro User ManualNovaStar CX40 Pro SpecificationNoneNovaStar CX40 Pro FirmwareIt’s a large professional 4K LED display controller.
NovaStar MX30NovaStar MX30 ManualNovaStar MX30 SpecificationNoneNovaStar MX30 Firmware

They are all-in-one LED display controllers for video processing and video control.

NovaStar MX40 Pro

NovaStar MX40 Pro Manual

NovaStar MX40 Pro Specification

NoneNovaStar MX40 Pro Firmware 1.2.3
NoneNovaStar MX40 Pro Firmware 1.2.1
NovaStar MX20NovaStar MX20 ManualNovaStar MX20 SpecificationNoneNovaStar MX20 Firmware
NovaStar KU20NovaStar KU20 ManualNovaStar KU20 SpecificationNoneNovaStar KU20 FirmwareThe KU20 is an LED display controller, that works with the brand-new software VMP to operate and control videos.

NovaStar Receiving Card Resource Download

Find NovaStar Receiving Card Resources like comprehensive access to specifications and firmware updates.

NovaStar Receiving Card SeriesNovaStar receiving card SpecificationsNovaStar receiving card Firmware

NovaStar Armor Series Receiving Card

NovaStar A4NoneNovaStar A4 Firmware
NovaStar A5NoneNovaStar A5 Firmware
NovaStar A5sNovaStar SpecificationsNone
NovaStar A5s PlusNovaStar SpecificationsNovaStar A5s Plus Firmware
NovaStar A7NoneNovaStar A7 Firmware
NovaStar A7s PlusNovaStar SpecificationsNone
NovaStar A8NoneNovaStar A8 Firmware
NovaStar A8sNovaStar SpecificationsNovaStar A8s Firmware
NovaStar A8s-NNovaStar SpecificationsNovaStar A8s-N Firmware
NovaStar A8s ProNovaStar SpecificationsNone
NovaStar A10s Plus-NNovaStar SpecificationsNovaStar A10s Plus-N Firmware
NovaStar A10s ProNovaStar SpecificationsNone

NovaStar MRV Series Receiving Card

NovaStar MRV 570-1NovaStar SpecificationsNone
NovaStar MRV 560NoneNovaStar MRV 560 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 420NoneNovaStar MRV 420 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 410NoneNovaStar MRV 410 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 366NoneNovaStar MRV 366 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 360NoneNovaStar MRV 360 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 336NoneNovaStar MRV 336 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 330NoneNovaStar MRV 330 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 328NovaStar SpecificationsNovaStar MRV 328 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 320NoneNovaStar MRV 320 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 300NovaStar SpecificationsNovaStar MRV 300 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 266NovaStar SpecificationsNovaStar MRV 266 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 220NoneNovaStar MRV 220 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 216NovaStar SpecificationsNovaStar MRV 216 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 210NovaStar SpecificationsNovaStar MRV 210 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 208NovaStar SpecificationsNovaStar MRV 208 Firmware
NovaStar MRV 200NoneNovaStar MRV 200 Firmware

NovaStar AT Series Receiving Card

NovaStar AT20NoneNovaStar AT20 Firmware
NovaStar AT30NoneNovaStar AT30 Firmware
NovaStar AT32NovaStar SpecificationsNovaStar AT32 Firmware