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Huidu Software Resources

Discover and free download all HuiDu software resources to empower your LED display systems including HDPlayer, HDSet, HDSign, and LCD Control software & user manuals. LedInCloud aims to provide the latest Huidu software and user guides for you.

HuiDu Software DownloadSoftware User ManualDetails
HDPlayer V7.10.2.0HuiDu Operating Manual for HDPlayerThe software for full-color asynchronous controllers.
HDPlayer V for A601, A602, A603, A30, A30+, C10C, C10, C30, C30C, D10, D30, etc. control system.
HDSet V3.0.10.0Manual for HDSet SoftwareSynchronous/asynchronous (full-color) control system operation software.
HDSign V1.0.44NoneThe software for Single color control card.
HD2020 V1.3.2.1HD2020 Operating InstructionThe software for Single color control card.
HD Show V1.1.8.0HD Show Operating InstructionsThe multimedia player.
HD2018 V1.0.35.0HD2018 Operation ManualThe software for Single color control card.
HD2014 V 2.0.125NoneUse for E41, Q41, U41, etc.
HD2013 V 4.16NoneUse for Q3, U3, E3, etc.
LCD control software V1.0.23.0LedArt Instruction Manual for LCD ControllerLCD control software is used for editing and sending programs on LCD control cards A40, M20, M21, M30, 3288S, etc.
LedArt Mobile Cloud Platform Operating Instructions
Operation Instructions of LedArt (full color)
Operation Instructions of LedArt (single dual color)
Simple operation instructions of LedArt lite (single dual color)

HuiDu Specifications & Instruction Manual

Download HuiDu specifications and user manuals for free. LedInCloud aims to provide the latest and the most complete Huidu resources for you.

HuiDu Full ColorThese controllers are designed for full-color LED displays, offering vibrant and dynamic visuals. They are known for their robust control capabilities and support for complex animations and graphics.DuaMode Display PlayerHD-A4L SpecificationHD-A5L SpecificationHD-A6L SpecificationHD-A8 Specification
HD-A7 Specification   
Asynchronous LED ControllerHD-A3L SpecificationHD-C16C SpecificationHD-C36C Specification 
Banner Screen Special Control CardHD-D16 Specification   
Advertising Machine Special Control CardHD-B6 Specification   
Synchronous LED ControllerHD-T901 SpecificationHD-T901B SpecificationHD-T902x1 SpecificationHD-T902x2 Specification
Other HuiDu Full Color SpecificationsHD-A5 SpecificationHD-D05 SpecificationHD-R612 SpecificationHD-A6L Specification
HD-A4 SpecificationHD-D06 SpecificationHD-R5S SpecificationHD-R716 Specification
HD-R320T SpecificationHD-R732 SpecificationHD-R500S SpecificationHD-R708 Specification
HD-R516T SpecificationHD-R512S SpecificationHD-R507T SpecificationHD-C16L Specification
HD-R512T SpecificationHD-D35 SpecificationHD-D15 SpecificationHD-C16 Specification
HD-A6 SpecificationHD-D36 SpecificationHD-R508T SpecificationHD-R712 Specification
HD-A3 SpecificationHD-C36 Specification  
HuiDu Full Color Instruction ManualHuiDu Operating Manual for HDPlayerManual for HDSet softwareOperation Instructions of LedArt (full color)LED display information management platform instruction manual
LedArt Mobile Cloud Platform Operating InstructionsHD Show Operating Instructions  
HuiDu Single ColorTailored for single-color LED displays, these controllers provide efficient and reliable performance. They are cost-effective and easy to operate, making them suitable for simple display applications like signboards and store signs.HuiDu Single Color SpecificationHD-W00 SpecificationHD-W62 SpecificationHD-U60 SpecificationHD-E64 Specification
HD-W02 SpecificationHD-W63 SpecificationHD-U62 SpecificationHD-WF1 Specification
HD-W03 SpecificationHD-W64A SpecificationHD-U63 SpecificationHD-WF2 Specification
HD-W04 SpecificationHD-W66 SpecificationHD-U64A SpecificationHD-WF4 Specification
HD-W6B SpecificationHD-U6A SpecificationHD-E62 SpecificationHD-W0 Specification
HD-W60 SpecificationHD-U6B SpecificationHD-E63 SpecificationHD-W3 Specification
HuiDu Single Color Instruction ManualHD2020 Operating instructionHD2018 Operation manualOperation Instructions of LedArt (single dual color)Simple operation instructions of LedArt lite
HuiDu Video ProcessorThese processors integrate traditional video processing with network port outputs, simplifying field construction and enhancing product reliability. They support multiple input types and high-resolution outputs, ideal for various synchronized play scenarios.Al-In-One Video ProcessorHD-VP830 SpecificationHD-VP820 SpecificationHD-VP630 SpecificationHD-VP620 Specification
HD-VP410A SpecificationHD-VP210A Specification  
Video ProcessorHDP902 SpecificationHDP901 SpecificationHDP703 SpecificationHDP601 Specification
HD-VP410H SpecificationHD-VP1220 SpecificationHD-VP1620 SpecificationHD-VP1680V Specification
HD-VP210H SpecificationHD-VP1240 SpecificationHD-VP1640 SpecificationHD-VP8000E Specification
HD-VP210C SpecificationHD-VP1240A SpecificationHD-VP1640A SpecificationHD-VP8000M Specification
HD-VP410C Specification   
HuiDu Video Processor Instruction ManualHD-VP1220 VP1620 Spec and User ManualHD-VP620 VP820 Spec and User ManualHD-VP410 Spec. and User ManualHD-VP210 Spec. and User Manual
HDP903 User ManualHDP902 Instruction manual
HDP901 Instruction manualHDP703 HDP602 User Manual
HDP601 Operating ManualHD-VP1240&VP1640 Spec and User Manual  
HuiDu LCD ControllerManage the display functions of LCD screens, handling inputs and providing the necessary drive for the pixels.HuiDu LCD Controller SpecificationHD-3288S SpecificationHD-M30B SpecificationHD-3288B SpecificationHD-3566S V1.2 Specification
HD-M21 SpecificationHD-40B SpecificationHD-3568S SpecificationHD-3399F Specification
HD-40S SpecificationHD-40M SpecificationHD-3566B SpecificationHD-133M Specification
HD-M30 SpecificationHD-972S SpecificationHD-3568B SpecificationHD-3568V Specification
HD-M21B SpecificationHD-3566S V1.1 SpecificationHD-133T Specification 
HuiDu LCD Controller Instruction ManualHD-M20 Instruction ManualLCD display information management platform instruction V1.0LedArt Instruction Manual for LCD controller 
HuiDu Accessories SpecificationHuiDu offers a range of accessories, including environmental sensors and receiving cards, which complement their main products. These accessories enhance the functionality and versatility of the display systems.HD-S107 SpecificationHD-S208 SpecificationHD-S108 SpecificationHD-Y1 SpecificationHD-K524 Specification
HD-S70 SpecificationHD-S90 Specification   
HuiDu Media Server SpecificationThe media servers are capable of handling a large number of pixels and support multi-channel video playback.MS2000 SpecificationMS4000 SpecificationMS4000Pro SpecificationMS8000 Specification