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Nova Cloud offers a robust and streamlined cloud management solution tailored for display systems. Elevate your display’s potential by venturing into the realm of Cloud LED management. Choose from a diverse array of controllers, including the Taurus Ultra series, Taurus Series, MBOX600 LED controllers, the LCD controller LCB Series, and the Nova Cloud Service’s VNNOX Media and VNNOX Care.

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NovaCloud LED Playback Control Processor Overview

The Taurus Ultra, abbreviated as TU Series, features models TU20 Pro and TU15 Pro. This LED Interactive Playback & Control Processor boasts an impressive 3.9 million pixel ultra-large loading capacity and seamless zoom capabilities. Manage your LED display effortlessly from your seat with its intuitive control system. The processor comes with an extensive suite of applications, offering a more convenient mobile experience. It supports wireless screen mirroring for smartphones, computers, and projectors, and accommodates up to 9 split screens for versatile display options. Experience the convenience of intelligent voice control for hands-free operation.

Taurus Ultra Resource Download:

See the differences between TU20 Pro and TU15 Pro.

Nova Cloud TU Series Comparison
SpecificationsTU20 ProTU15 Pro
Loading capacity3.9 Million2.6 Million
Maximum width&HeightMaximum Width 4096 pixels, Maximum Height 1920 pixels
Output ports6xRJ45 1xHDMI1.3 1×3.5mm Audio Output 1xSPDIF4xRJ45 1xHDMI1.3 1×3.5mm Audio Output 1xSPDIF
Input ports2xHDMI1.3;3xUSB2.0
Control ConnectorsETHERNET SENSOR Phoenix connector (4 pins) Phoenix connector (6 pins)
Memory space4GB/32GB
Intelligent broadcast controlRemote, APP, USB Drive
Wireless projectionSupport Type-C, Wireless USB Adapter, Support Windows / IOS / Android Multiple Platform Mirroring
Input voltageDC 12V 3A
OthersSupport phone photo mapping, intelligent voice control, free scaling, image enhancement, effect adjusting, one-click eye protection, launcher customization, boot animation customization
Nova Cloud TU Series Comparison
Physical SpecificationsNova Cloud TU20 ProNova Cloud TU15 Pro
Electrical SpecificationsInput voltageDC 12V 3A, Negative Outside Positive Inside (power adapter input)
Rated power consumption21 W
Storage SpaceRAM4 GB
Internal storage32 GB
Operating EnvironmentTemperature-20°C to +50°C-20°C to +60°C
Humidity0% RH to 80% RH, non-condensing
Storage EnvironmentTemperature-30°C to +80°C-40°C to +80°C
Humidity0% RH to 95% RH, non-condensing
Physical SpecificationsDimensions211.7 mm × 185.0 mm × 50.6 mm
Net weight1.12 kg
Gross weight2.9 kg Note: It is the total weight of the product, accessories, and packing materials packed according to the packing specifications.
Packing InformationDimensions (L×W×H)387 mm × 359 mm × 173 mm
  • 1x TU20 Pro
  • 1x Power adapter
  • 1x Bluetooth voice remote
  • 1x Ethernet cable
  • 1x HDMI cable
  • 3x Antennas
  • 2x Hanging brackets
  • 1x Certificate of Approval
  • 1x TU15 Pro
  • 1x Power adapter
  • 1x Bluetooth voice remote
  • 1x Ethernet cable
  • 1x HDMI cable
  • 3x Antennas
  • 2x Hanging brackets
  • 1x Certificate of Approval

NovaCloud Multi Media Player

1. Nova Cloud LCB Series (LCD multi-media player)

NovaCloud LCB Resource Download:

The LCB4K, introduced by NovaStar, is an advanced LCD and LED multimedia player featuring an adaptive mode. It intelligently adjusts the display window to match the LCD screen’s EDID, enabling synchronized multi-screen displays for both LCD and LED screens. This versatile player is ideal for applications in advertising media, digital signage, and commercial displays.

Why LCB multi-media player?

  • 1×HDMI 2.0 Output: Offers adaptive custom dual mode for flexible connectivity.
  • 2×Sensor Ports: Connect to a brightness sensor or a temperature and humidity sensor for environmental adaptability.
  • 1×USB 3.0 (Type A): Facilitates USB drive program import & play, USB upgrades, and sending card device-level cascade control.
  • 1×USB 2.0 (Type A): Supports USB drive program import & play, USB upgrades, and sending card device-level cascade control.
  • 1×USB (Type B): Direct connection from the host computer to the device for streamlined program and display management.
  • Powerful Hardware: Equipped with a 4×A55 ARM CPU at 1.8GHz, supporting H.264 and H.265 4K video decoding, complemented by 2GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage.
  • Superior Performance: Capable of displaying 2×4K, 6×1080p, 10×720p, or 20×360p videos, ensuring high-quality visuals across various formats.
  • Comprehensive Control: Supports program and display control from PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other user terminals. Features cluster remote program release and display control, along with remote screen status monitoring.
  • WIFI Connectivity: Switch between WIFI AP and WIFI STA modes for network flexibility.
  • Synchronized Multi-Screen Display: Seamlessly display content across multiple screens.
  • 4G/5G Module Support: Stay connected with the latest network technology for uninterrupted content delivery.

Nova Cloud LCB Player Specification Comparison:

Physical SpecificationsNova Cloud LCB4KNova Cloud LCB2K
Electrical SpecificationsInput voltage100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz, 0.6 ADC 12 V, 2 A
Rated power consumption15 W18 W
Storage SpaceRAM2 GB1 GB
Internal storage32 GB16 GB
Operating EnvironmentTemperature-20°C to +60°C
Humidity0% RH to 80% RH, non-condensing
Storage EnvironmentTemperature-40°C to +80°C
Humidity0% RH to 80% RH, non-condensing
Physical SpecificationsDimensions274.3 mm × 139.0 mm × 40.0 mm123.0 mm × 89.0 mm × 29.5 mm
Net weight1.1 kg255.4 g
Gross weight1.7 kg Note: It is the total weight of the product, accessories, and packing materials packed according to the packing specifications.620.8 g Note: It is the total weight of the product, accessories and packing materials packed according to the packing specifications.
Packing InformationDimensions (L×W×H)386 mm × 110 mm × 285 mm278.0 mm × 63.0 mm × 221.0 mm
  • 1x Wi-Fi omnidirectional antenna
  • 1x AC power cord
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Packing list
  • 1x Omnidirectional Wi-Fi antenna
  • 1x Power adapter
  • 2x Racks
  • 4x Screws
  • 1x Packing list
IP RatingIP20 Please prevent the product from water intrusion and do not wet or wash the product./
System Software
  • Android 11.0 operating system software
  • Android terminal application software

Note: Third-party applications are not supported.

2. Nova Cloud Taurus Series

NovaCloud Taurus Series Resource Download:

A solution for permanent installations in today’s smart cloud environment. This system supports various playback options including Cloud, Wireless, and U-disk, along with both synchronized and asynchronous modes. Eliminate the need for a computer; simply use an app to pair with VNNOX cloud publishing, enabling remote management of your display. It boasts professional-grade integrated calibration to bring your LED display back to its pristine condition.

Taurus-NovaCloud - LedInCloud

Comparison for Nova Cloud Taurus Series:

Basic ParameterCPU4 Core A55 Processor/1.8GHz
Decode Ability4K 60fps
Operation SystemAndroid 11
Loading CapacityMax Capacity0.65 million pixels1.3 million pixels2.3 million pixels
Max Width/Max High4096(Max Width), 4096(Max High)
LED Output port RJ451 Main 1 Backup2 Main4 Main
Main FunctionSync ModeNTP, GPS
Dual Mode Switch/SupportSupport
Remotely Control PowerNeed Connect Multifunction Card
SensorTwo aviation plug
Network CommunicationLAN1000 Mbps
WiFi2.4G Switchable AP&STA
Appearance MaterialMetal Case
Power PortAC 100~240V

3. Nova Cloud MBOX600

NovaCloud MBOX600 Resource Download:

The MBOX600, crafted by NovaStar, is a robust 2-in-1 solution that combines an industrial-grade PC and a sending card. This high-capacity independent controller facilitates seamless LED display management without the need for an external PC. It is equipped with multiple USB ports (4x USB2.0 and 2x USB3.0) to enhance connectivity and user interaction.

  • i5 7200U Intel dual-core processor
  • Support for multiple connection types: Wired/WiFi, 4G
  • Resistant to extreme cold or heat: -20C/60C
  • Cloud publishing and monitoring
  • 2.3 million pixel loading capacity
  • 18bit+ Grayscale Processing
  • Support exposure environment

Nova Cloud Service VNNOX Overview

VNNOX, a versatile cloud service by Nova, is designed for universal display device compatibility and a wide array of application scenarios. With internet access, VNNOX is readily available for use anywhere, anytime. It ensures stringent permission controls through comprehensive user, role, and workgroup management systems.

1. Nova Cloud VNNOX Media

The VNNOX Media suite, encompassing VNNOX Standard, VNNOX AD, and iCare, caters to over 90% of screen management needs. It’s user-friendly with a full range of functions.

You can sign up and log in to Nova Cloud VNNOX to use it.

Nova Cloud VNNOX Standard

Specialized for LED display remote content management and player control.

  • Multiple Terminal Support: Compatible with various terminals, including the Taurus series and VPlayer synchronous players.
  • Online Media Library: A flexible repository accessible from anywhere, facilitating content availability.
  • WYSIWYG Editing: A transparent editing process ensuring that the final display matches the preview.
  • Diverse Media Support: Handles a variety of media types, from text and video to web pages and streaming content.
  • Smart Publishing: Internet-based solution deployment allowing scheduled playback after download.
  • Remote Control: Real-time or scheduled oversight of player functions like restart, status checks, and source switching.
  • Play Logs: Detailed playback data statistics are automatically compiled for review.
  • Resource Grouping: Customizable management of media, playlists, and players for organized access and data segregation.
  • Permission Management: Tailored permission settings for users and roles to meet specific operational requirements.

Nova Cloud VNNOX AD

VNNOX AD is a comprehensive remote content management and control solution for LED display systems. It enables real-time screen status management, plan scheduling, emergency notification insertion, and customization of content schedules to suit advertising requirements.

  • Multi-Terminal Access: Seamless integration with various devices, including the Taurus series and VPlayer synchronous players.
  • Smart Publishing: Internet-based distribution of solutions to players for scheduled playback.
  • Customizable Scheduling: Flexible playback options, including default, interval-based, or scheduled, with emergency content insertion capability.
  • Remote Control: Comprehensive control over screen functions such as restart, status, volume, brightness, and source switching.
  • Play Logs: Detailed statistics for playback data, automatically generated for transparency and analysis.
  • Template Variety: A range of page and frame templates, along with a WYSIWYG editor for custom content creation.
  • Group Management: Customizable workgroups for media, playlists, solutions, and players, facilitating resource management and data isolation.
  • Permission Management: Tailored access rights for users and roles to ensure secure and efficient operation.

Nova Cloud iCare

Nova Cloud’s iCare offers a centralized monitoring solution tailored for multi-screen LED display management systems. It provides:

  • Centralized Management: Utilizes broadband Internet architecture, supporting HTTPS and FTPS servers for stable, high-speed data management and monitoring.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Oversees the functioning of sending, receiving, monitoring, and multifunction cards within the control system, and detects environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and smoke.
  • Automatic Alarm: The monitoring server collects and scans operational parameters, sending email alerts if conditions exceed preset thresholds.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: Allows account holders to log in, search, view, and snapshot monitoring data through a browser for timely and accurate on-site LED display conditions.
  • Multi-Device Access: Compatible with PCs, Android V4.0+ mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, and supports both synchronous M3 and asynchronous Pluto series control systems from NovaStar.
  • Intuitive and Efficient: Provides clear reporting of the status, alarms, errors, and locations of LED displays.
  • Information Sharing: Enables sharing of LED display information among users.
  • Display Handover: Allows for the management transfer of LED displays between users.

2. Nova Cloud VNNOX Care

VNNOX Care is Nova Cloud’s advanced maintenance platform for LED displays, offering a suite of professional tools.

  • Efficient Monitoring: Real-time surveillance and maintenance of LED displays.
  • Comprehensive Data Overview: Complete data visualization of LED display systems, including all control equipment.
  • Rapid Error Response: Immediate error notifications and visual equipment diagrams for swift troubleshooting.
  • Cloud-Based Record Keeping: Warranty, replacement, and configuration details are securely stored in the cloud for easy access.
  • Cost-Effective: VNNOX Care is available without extra equipment or fees, compatible with any NovaStar controller.
  • Cloud Configuration Storage: Users can upload and retrieve configuration files effortlessly, ensuring quick setup.
  • Robust Security: Ensures secure playback with comprehensive protection measures.

You need to apply for an account and Log in to Nova Cloud VNNOX to use it.

For optimal performance, VNNOX Care requires the latest version of NovaLCT. You can download it here.