At last year’s Hangzhou Asian Games, Xian Nova Technology Co., Ltd. became the exclusive display control technology service provider. Nova Technology is known for its ultra-high-definition display technology and products, and provided the Asian Games with an end-to-end ultra-high-definition display solution from video control to display management.

This is not the first time that Nova Technology has appeared on the international stage. How powerful is this company?

1. What Does Novastar Technology Do?

1.1 Brief Introduction to the Novastar Tech Co Ltd

NovaStar Technology is a global frontrunner in LED display solutions. They specialize in developing state-of-the-art control systems for a variety of applications including entertainment, commercial, digital signage and rental.

Operating in 37 locations worldwide, NovaStar continually enhances its capabilities in innovation, manufacturing, and support.

Novastar takes algorithms as the core and software and hardware as the carrier. Their product range includes synchronization control systems, video processing system, precise point-to-point calibration systems, and versatile cloud-based management services.

Having supported major events like the 2008 Beijing Olympics, World Cup and Asian Games, NovaStar is dedicated to pioneering technologies and setting industry benchmarks with its high-quality and innovative LED display solutions.

1.2 Target Markets and Customer Base

NovaStar Technology’s LED display solutions illuminate entertainment venues, provide digital signage for bustling urban landscapes, and are the backbone of large-scale event rental services.

The company now serves more than 4,000 customers worldwide, including LED display industry leaders such as Absen, surveillance industry leaders such as Hikvision, and commercial display industry leaders such as BOE. The company’s products continue to improve their market position and competitiveness.

This wide coverage highlights NovaStar’s commitment to providing best-in-class LED solutions for a wide range of applications, making it the first choice for every industry that requires LED displays.

2. Main Product Of Novastar Tech

2.1 COEX Controller Series

The COEX series features high-performance hardware and superior image quality technology, creating a seamless control experience. It supports displays from 1080P to ultra-8K resolution.

Novastar MCTRL4K: Enhanced processing for complex setups. Ideal for ultra-HD displays.

2.2 V Series

The V series provides highly integrated video controllers that combine video processing and sending functions. They support a wide range of input interfaces and offer powerful load capacities.

Novastar V900: Reliable multimedia player for digital signage.

Novastar VX400: Efficient receiving card enhancing display performance.

2.3 H Series

The H series focuses on video splicing and control, simplifying system architecture with optical port outputs capable of handling up to 416 million pixels.

Novastar H2: Supports multiple input sources with flexible output options.

Novastar H5: Advanced features like HDR support and low latency.

2.4 TU Series

The TU series consists of intelligent broadcast control processors that integrate LED master control, video processing, and playback functions into a single device. With just one mobile phone, users can complete the screen debugging and configuration in 10 minutes.

Novastar TU20: Advanced interaction features. Combines control and processing, easily managing display screen loads and applications.

3. Novastar Tech LED Controller System

3.1 ViPlex Express

ViPlex Express achieves seamless editing and playback on LCD and LED displays. It has two different modes: studio mode and asynchronous mode.

Synchronous mode displays content on the screen in real time. Asynchronous mode sends the playback content to the multimedia player, where it is stored and played according to the user’s preset time. In asynchronous mode, users can achieve full terminal control.

It supports a variety of media types, including video, images, text, and web pages. Users can set specific time periods for each page to achieve precise control over content presentation.

3.2 SmartLCT

SmartLCT, a screen configuration software, optimized the management of complex LED displays.

It simplifies screen configuration with a building-block approach, supporting both online and offline design.

SmartLCT works seamlessly with various controllers, realizling 360° free image rotation with the MCTRL R5 and supporting advanced functions like 18bit+, ClearView, and monitoring services.

It also allows batch adjustments for brightness and chroma, supports hot backup, and exports canvas images.

3.3 NovaStudio

NovaStudio is a multi-functional software designed for LED display media playback applications.

  • Supports simultaneous playback of multiple LED displays.
  • Allows remote display management and multi-date, multi-time scheduling.
  • Users can create complex playback programs with multiple pages and windows, and include multiple media types such as video, audio, pictures, text, etc.
  • Provides powerful jamming prevention function to make page transitions smooth; and provides comprehensive media attribute settings.
  • Supports USB plug-and-play function and detailed log management.

4. LED Display Solution

4.1 MLED Display Control Solution

Novastar Tech’s MLED Display Control Solution encompasses calibration tools, detection devices, and core chips, featuring groundbreaking advancements in single cabinet calibration.

It introduces multiple industry-first solutions to tackle key MLED display challenges, significantly enhancing panel yield and production efficiency.

4.2 XR Virtual Filming LED Control System Solution

The XR Virtual Filming LED Control System Solution of Nova Tech Co., Ltd. integrates the MX40 Pro controller and A10s Pro receiver card with the VMP visual management platform.

It offers specialized functions for virtual filming, such as shutter adaptation, phase shift, and dual-engine quality enhancement.

This advanced technology effectively eliminates scan lines and color inaccuracies, creating lifelike lighting and shadow effects.

4.3 Professional LED Distributed Solution

This solution uniquely combines distributed decoding and sending. It leverages NetSync and NovaSync dual synchronization technology for professional-grade splicing with nanosecond-level precision.

It delivers end-to-end 4K at 60Hz with 10-bit 4:4:4 performance, creating both smooth and clear visuals.

5. Primary Novastar Technologies

5.1 Camera Effect Optimization

  • Any frame rate does not affect display quality.
  • Low latency (sending card latency is less than 1 ms)
  • Shutter adaptation
  • Multi-mode function

5.2 Color Adjustment

  • Precisely adjust hue, saturation and brightness
  • Color Replacement function quickly changes the specified color
  • Color Curve adjusts brightness and hue across grayscale
  • 3D LUT function for smooth transitions and precise control

5.3 Image Enhancement

  • HDR10 and HLG (compliant with SMPTE ST 2084 and BT.2100)
  • Use colorimeter and NovaStar algorithm to align the screen color gamut with standards such as BT.709, BT.2020 and DCI-P3.
  • Precise grayscale correction and 22bit+ technology
  • Dynamic ehancer
  • Full grayscale calibration and thermal compensation

6. Software Downloads

7. Summary

NovaStar Technology leads the industry with its unique and innovative solutions, recognition from top customers and successful implementation in major events, giving us great expectations for LED display technology.